Do you want to have awesome looking miniatures? Give us your idea on how you want your model(s) to be painted!


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Already sure on how you want your miniatures painted? Make sure to give the following information! 

  • Contact information
  • Budget
  • Time frame (if necessary) 
  • Assembly, basing, painting
  • Reference images (optional)
  • Miniature list

Price list: 

Items can be painted in 4 different levels: tabletop, standard, high detailed and customized. 






  •  € 3                                
  •  € 5                            
  •  € 7

Special character                      

  • € 5                                
  • € 7                      
  • € 10

… + Mount                                

  • € 8                                
  • € 10                    
  • € 15

Small monster/small vehicles/chariot/big mount/small tanks          

  • € 17.50                          
  • € 25,50                    
  •  € 40

Medium monster/Rhino sized vehicles/medium tanks

  • € 20
  • € 45
  • € 75

Large monster/ Land Raider sized vehicles         

  • € 35                            
  •  € 60                            
  • € 115


These are sample prices . If you want an idea of the exact price for your units or miniature, just send a list with the miniatures you want to paint and the painting scheme you have in mind and we calculate the price depending on quantity and your needs. Prices are per one miniature.

Prices do NOT include shipping, tax or model costs.

What can you expect? 


Tabletop: Basic painting. Base colours: 1 colour. Colours get their individual washes and highlights. No details for faces, skin etc. Basic OSL. Basic basing

DSC00116      DSC00145

Standard: Base colours: 2 colours. Colours get their individual shades and highlights. More details for face and skin. Basic OSL. Basic basing + extra objects/green… 

3    3

High detailed: Base colour: 2+ colours applied with wetblending to give a smooth transition. Each colour gets its wash and highlight + additional edge highlighting. Weathering is applied when requested. Detailed OSL in 2+ colours. High details for face and skin. Basic basing + detailed extras. 

01   DSC00025

Top quality: For unique miniatures, special characters, elites… Basic colour: 4 + colours applied in fine layers and wetblended. Multiple washes and highlights. Detailed, multicoloured edge highlights. Multiple coloured weathering (f.e. : rust 2+ colours). Multiple coloured OSL. Special basing + details. 


To help you out the best way possible, you can follow a list to give a really detailed and good idea on how you want your miniature(s) painted! 

  • list of models
  • painting standard
  • basing
  • painting colour scheme as detailed as possible

Project scheduling – Painting on a budget

Split your order up and pay your costs seperately. This way you’ll have time to review your budget and the painting that is already done, make changes or cancel further work when having difficulties for making payments. You’ll only be charged for the already painted goods and shipment. 

Price consistency

There will be no sudden price changes in your commission work. However, when you request changes that require more material or work, there could be additional payments. You will be informed in time. 

Progress updates

You’ll get updates as soon as possible when progress was made in the form of pictures and messages. 

Payment in advance and discounts. 

Commissions up to € 75 are paid upon completion. Commissions higher than € 75, 40% is paid in advance to secure used materials and work for already painted miniatures. This does not apply when you choose the project scheduling module.