Tutorial: easy and fast marble effect

Type: Techniques – Marble effect

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10-15 min (6mm base)

Paints used: Pale Sand (Vallejo), Ungor Flesh (Citadel), Eshin Grey (Citadel), Mournfang Brown (Citadel)



Step 1: After priming the area you wish to work on, put on a thin, watered down layer: a 3:1 mix of Ungor Flesh and Pale Sand. Make sure it’s watered down enough to see some of the black primer underneath, but not too much, or the paint will not cover the base properly. Let it dry.


Step 2: Use the contours of the black primer underneath to draw the ‘veins’ of the marble with Eshin Grey. There is no precise way to draw them though. If you look at pictures of marble, there are a lot of different patterns. Marble gives you a lot freedom to be creative. You can connect the main veins with smaller ones, but I went with a rather sober pattern and made sure the veins were connected from tile to tile. Let it dry.


Step 3: Use a watered down version of Mournfang Brown, put your pencil down as flat as possible, and drag it from left to right and back again, making sure some areas are very brown while others just have a light tint. Let it dry.


Step 4: Use a slightly watered down version of Pale Sand to give the marble some white veins. It breaks the pattern and gives a nice contrast. Let it dry.


The result should look a bit like this. No top notch, but it’s an easy to achieve way to have some marble on your bases. Feel free to post your questions below!


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